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Our Programs

Our Philosophy

At TLP, we’re about enduring results within a positive youth development philosophy. We know that achieving someone else’s goal may work for the short-term, but not the long haul. We work with youth to devise their plans for health, relationships, education, work, and home. Side-by-side with loving, dedicated professionals, youth celebrate their successes while taking responsibility for setbacks.

We partner with youth to build a foundation of skills for independent living. They learn how to care for themselves and their homes, foster healthy relationships, find and keep employment, advance their education, and create positive lives.

Each youth we serve has experienced trauma while at the same time is grappling with the tumultuous transition between childhood and adulthood. We understand why they may be angry or scared. We are humbled by their resourcefulness and inspired by their hope and single-minded determination. With support, dreams can be restored. In time, they believe again that they can overcome every single challenge. And many do.

Our Approach

TLP’s network of programs helps youth who are homeless achieve permanent independence and self-sufficiency, while also addressing their basic needs for food, shelter, and clothing.

Though youth wrestle with similar issues, no two youth have identical needs and experiences. We work one-on-one with participants, offering customized resources rooted in each youth’s unique experience, crafted to meet individual needs and goals. We listen. We assess. We encourage. We inspire. We celebrate. We expect and receive great things.

The attention given individually takes place in a community environment created by the youth, staff, and volunteers. We build a sense of family that many youth have lost or never had. We nurture interdependency with the same fervor as self-sufficiency.

Our programs have both breadth and depth. The network of services and resources is comprehensive, but we engender enduring success by concentrating on a smaller number of participants. We work closely with those we serve as partners in the process.

We provide a safe environment, tools, and encouragement for homeless youth. With these resources, our youth can create empowered, dignified, and satisfying lives.

We protect the confidentiality of all our clients and adhere to the HMIS Standard Privacy Practices