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Supportive Services

TLP’s services embrace youth, surrounding them with options and resources that empower them to make thoughtful choices. Each client is a contributing, vital member of our community, a success story, and an inspiration to othersregardless of how far they advance toward independence.

We believe that, to the extent possible, resources should be provided by our on-site, professional staff. The more accessible the resources, the more youth make use of them, especially if the resources are provided by trusted, well-known professionals.

Each youth has a master’s-level clinical case manager who acts as advocate and service nexus. These youth development specialists, as they are called, offer consistent guidance, coaching, and support, while helping navigate and coordinate an array of resources. Staff members are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to address client emergencies.

Depending upon individual needs, youth receive educational and vocational assistance; counseling and psychiatric services; life skills training; and abundant information and resources needed to orchestrate independent and fruitful lives.