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Who Needs Wine? Beer Tasting

Who are the TLP Associates?

The TLP Associates are a group of Chicago-area professionals who have come together to support and enhance Teen Living Programs by generating resources, assisting with public relations, and volunteering with agency youth. The TLP Associates are responsible for the planning, development and implementation of recreational activities for the youth. We also act as a fundraising arm for the TLP Board of Directors and as spokespersons for the agency to the greater public. It is the Associates' aim to bring TLP youth together with Chicago-area professionals, so that both groups can benefit from the experiences and talents of the other.

For more information, please Nia Tavoularis at (312) 568-5700, ext. 228.

How can you become involved with the TLP Associates?

There are a variety of ways that you can be involved with the TLP Associates and, more importantly, make a difference for youth who are homeless, including:

Planning a youth recreational activity. TLP Associates plan and deliver several youth recreational activities during the year intended to be fun for the youth and meaningful for volunteers. Past activities have included hosting birthday, graduation, and holiday parties, as well as field trips to Chicago cultural and sporting events.  These events bring Chicago professionals and TLP youth together in a fun atmosphere where they can get to know one another.

Involvement in these events can range from attendance at the event to planning a recreational event around some aspect of Chicago life that you enjoy. The youth are always interested in learning new things. Several events also involve corporate partnerships where your company or office can participate in a group event. For example, an annual miniature golf outing in June in cooperation with a local consulting firm. TLP staff and the Associates' Board provide support in planning these recreational activities.

Donating clothes, books, and supplies. TLP youth are always in need of winter coats, professional attire and dress clothes, as well as books, magazines, basic school and hygiene supplies, small kitchen appliances, and twin bedding. While personal donations are wonderful, a great way to get involved is to plan a professional clothing drive at your office. 

Attending a networking/fundraising event. TLP Associates hold several member-building/fundraising events during the year designed to expand the ranks of TLP Associates and raise funds for Teen Living Programs. Attending these events is a great way to expand your professional network while doing something great for Chicago youth who are homeless. Better yet, you can get involved in planning one of these fun events.

Upcoming Events

Who Needs Wine?
Beer Tasting & Fundraiser
Thursday, June 14, 2007
7-10 p.m.
US Beer Company
1801 North Clybourn
Chicago, IL 60614
Ticket Price: $40 (includes food & drink)

To purchase your tickets in advance, please contact Nia Tavoularis at (312) 568-5700, ext. 228.