The HK Prize Charter

hk prize

hk prize is a prestigious award that recognizes individuals who have made outstanding contributions in science and technology innovation and its transformation. It is also a way to encourage the young generation of scientists and engineers to pursue research in a career that contributes to social development. The award ceremony will be held in Hong Kong every year and is a high-profile event attended by representatives of the government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, central government agencies, sponsors and celebrities. The winners will be announced through official channels.

The Charter is designed to promote scientific and standardized management of the BOCHK SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY INNOVATION PRIZE so that all awards can be given to candidates with excellent performance in the same criteria, regardless of the sponsor or judging panels. It is also intended to provide a neutral and objective evaluation mechanism to ensure the fairness of the review process.

This year’s HK Prize nominees include activists who have fought for freedom and democracy, even after being imprisoned or facing lengthy prison sentences. They also include a founder of a nonprofit that provides shelter for homeless adults and a professor who developed liquid biopsy, which allows doctors to detect cancer faster than conventional methods.

Another nominee is the late filmmaker Benny Chan, whose cops-and-robbers actioner Raging Fire won best film and best action choreography at this year’s 40th Hong Kong Film Awards. Actor Andy Lau accepted the awards on behalf of Chan’s widow.

The HK Prize nominations come after US lawmakers nominated the city’s pro-democracy protesters for the Nobel peace prize. In a letter to the Nobel committee, nine lawmakers across party lines praised the campaigners as a global inspiration in the face of the Chinese government’s crackdown. They cited estimates that more than two million people took to the streets in protest on 16 June, a number that dwarfs the city’s 7.5 million residents.

Those interested in applying for the HK Prize should read the rules carefully before submitting their application. The judges will only award prizes to deserving applicants, so it is important for candidates to read the rules and make sure they meet all of the criteria. Moreover, the jury is independent from sponsorship and ad-hoc committees, which will ensure that the prize will go to someone who has the highest level of professional ethics. Furthermore, if any prize-winning candidate does not follow the rules, the award will be forfeited. This will help ensure that the HK Prize continues to be a fair and reputable award. Those who are interested in applying can visit the HK Prize website to apply. They will need to submit an application by May 31. Applicants can find the submission guidelines and other information on the website. They can also contact the HK Prize secretariat for more information. The HK Prize is one of the most prestigious awards in Hong Kong. Those who have won the prize in the past have enjoyed many benefits and rewards, including a cash prize of $100,000.