The Hong Kong Prize is a Great Award to Encourage Young People to Pursue Their Passions

The hk prize is an award that honors scientists whose research has made a real difference in society. It is open to researchers worldwide and is chosen through an impartial process without committee or sponsorship influence. The winners will receive a substantial monetary reward as well as access to Hong Kong’s premier research facilities. This award is a great way to encourage young people to pursue their passions and broaden their global perspectives.

The award was established in 2015 by Lui Che-woo to celebrate those who make outstanding contributions toward world civilisation and society harmony. He also hoped to further advance Hong Kong’s scientific research culture that has produced numerous Nobel laureates over the years. This year, the prize was given to a student who used technology to help homeless students and a professor who developed liquid biopsy technology to speed up cancer diagnosis. Other finalists included selfless volunteers and people who have survived against all odds.

This is a great way to encourage young people in the area of science. It will not only increase their chances of winning a large amount of money, but it will also allow them to see the world in a completely different light. This is a very important thing that every person should take into consideration.

In 2023, the South China Morning Post’s editorial team won 78 awards in categories including writing, reporting, photography and news video. Among them, editor Matt Haldane and reporters Dylan Butts and Xinmei Shen won first runner-up in the Best Business News Writing category for their piece titled In the Green Fast Lane. And copy editor James Cook won second runner-up in the same category for his article on accelerating Hong Kong’s adoption of electric vehicles.

While the hk prize was awarded to a group of Hong Kong activists fighting against erosion of democracy, it is not the only award that has honored dissidents and persecuted freedom fighters in Asia. For example, the Nobel Peace Prize was once awarded to Holocaust critic Carl von Ossietzky and anti-Fascist writer Franz Werfel.

The hk prize has a long list of past recipients. This includes students who have used technology to assist homeless people, a professor who developed liquid biopsy technology to accelerate cancer diagnosis and selfless volunteers who helped save many lives in disasters. The prize logo features a pearl and pierced jade amulet, which symbolizes the resilience of Hong Kong people.

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