Thierry Denoual’s Chinese and European Domino Games


Do you love the game of dominoes? If so, you are not alone. This family of tile-based games is enjoyed around the world. Each domino has two square ends, each marked with a number of spots. Your goal is to collect as many dominoes as possible, but don’t let that discourage you from learning the basics. In this article, we’ll discuss the European and Chinese versions of dominoes.

Thierry Denoual’s game

Thierry Denoual’s game of Domino is a classic French card game with a long history. Its rules vary, depending on its size, number of tiles, and player’s experience. If you’ve never played domino before, here are some basic tips:

Thierry Denoual’s Chinese game

In Thierry Denoual’s “Chinese” domino game, pictures are used instead of numbers, and players may play unlimited rounds. The object of the game is to build a circle of three dominoes, not one that connects two opposite ends of the board. Thierry Denoual’s new game is available through Blue Orange Games and is a popular choice with families and groups.

The Thierry Denoual version of the classic domino game features pictures instead of numbers, and is a popular family game. It can be played anywhere and is a perfect addition to any family game collection. The object of the game is to build a circle out of three dominoes, and you can build as many circles as you like. The round may be as short or as long as you like, and you can also block play by building circles that connect two opposite ends of the board.

Zhou Mi’s game

The rules of Zhou Mi’s domino game are simple enough, but it’s the pupai that make it so challenging. A ‘pupai’ is a row of dominoes that fall in a row. The original game was created around 1287, but has been lost to time and transmission vicissitudes. In this book, Weitz provides a detailed history of Chinese art collecting during the late thirteenth century, which may help to reconstruct Zhou Mi’s original work.

The game originated in China during the Yuan Dynasty. Zhou Mi described it in his 1232-1298 text, ‘Former Events in Wulin.’ He also mentioned dice in his text. But his description is not complete, since he didn’t describe the game in detail. Nevertheless, this ancient Chinese game is one of the oldest written references to dominoes in the world.

Thierry Denoual’s European game

Thierry Denoual, an Austrian inventor, invented the popular game dominoes. Unlike traditional domino games, this one uses pictures instead of numbers. The objective of the game is to build a circle with three dominoes, which is possible for one player to do in as few rounds as they wish. Players also have the option to block other players’ play by connecting two opposite ends of the board.

Blue Orange Games is an award-winning board game company based in San Francisco, California. It was founded by Thierry Denoual and Juilen Mayot in 1999. Blue Orange Games uses eco-friendly materials in its games, and has won numerous awards. The company also has a consulting and engineering firm, Blue Orange Edition, and a network of authors from around the world. Thierry Denoual’s European game was tested by over 1,000 people every year, so it’s safe to say it’s one of the best games of all time.