What Is Data SGP?

data sgp

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The sgpData_LONG data set is an anonymized, panel data set comprising 8 windows (3 windows annually) of assessment data in LONG format for 3 content areas (Early Literacy, Mathematics and Reading). The variable sgpData_INSTRUCTOR_NUMBER is an identifier associated with each teacher’s test record that links teachers to students.

Student Growth Percentiles (SGPs) are percentile rankings of student performance based on a comparison to academically-similar students with similar prior test score histories. SGPs are calculated using a number of different measures of student achievement, including average scale scores, mean percentile ranks and standard deviations from the mean. SGPs are an important indicator of student achievement, and can be interpreted with other indicators to inform classroom practice, assessment planning, and district decisions about educator evaluation.

SGPs are a good way to communicate student progress because they can be compared across schools and between grades. They can also be used as a component of teacher and principal evaluations. In 2018-19, mSGPs count for 5% of each qualifying teacher’s and 10% of each qualifying principal’s and AP/VP’s evaluations.

When interpreting student performance, it is important to consider the impact of a student’s individual characteristics and learning needs. This is particularly true for students with significant special education or gifted/talented status. In addition, it is essential to know the impact of a student’s prior testing history and current achievement level on their current performance.

SGPs are categorized into three levels of student growth: low, typical, and high. Students who demonstrate low growth may struggle to maintain their current level of achievement. Those who show typical growth are likely to improve their performance and continue to make academic gains. High-growth students, on the other hand, are most likely to achieve above average levels of success and will be well positioned for future academic advancements. This is because they have learned more from their previous experiences in school and have a higher level of knowledge. This enables them to perform better on their next tests. However, if a student’s current level of achievement is too low, they may be at risk for academic failure and will need to work harder to succeed. This is why it’s important for educators to identify and support their low performers early in the year. By doing so, students can receive the help and support they need to excel.