What is the Hongkong Prize?

hongkong prize

Hongkong prize is a writing contest that offers writers who specialize in Asian culture and history the chance to win both a monetary award and perks for attending an awards ceremony. The competition is very popular and finalists are expected to be prepared for intense literary scrutiny and the likelihood of a lengthy publishing process. While it may seem daunting, the prestigious nature of this contest can make it worthwhile for writers who have the drive to compete for the top spot.

The prize was established in 2022 through a donation from the family of Professor Wang Gungwu, an esteemed historian. Since then, the prize has been awarded to a variety of outstanding scholars. The winner will receive a monetary award, a certificate of achievement, and an official trophy. This is a great opportunity to recognize the hard work of a scholar and encourage their continued research into Chinese culture and history.

Each year, a handful of students are chosen to receive an honorary scholarship from the hk prize. These scholarships are given to students who have demonstrated academic excellence and community involvement. The scholarship money can be used to help pay for tuition or other school expenses. Additionally, the scholarship recipients are encouraged to use the money to travel abroad to learn about other cultures and languages.

A Hong Kong Prize was created to help young people develop their talents in art and communication, while also making a positive contribution to society. The goal is to help youths find their voice and inspire them to make a difference in the world. To qualify, candidates must be nominated by a teacher or school administrator. Then, they must submit their artwork before the submission deadline. Each piece is judged on its technical skill, composition, and the message behind it. The winners will then be awarded an individual judges’ prize of HK$8,000 and their school will receive a grant of HK$20,000.

The hk prize is an annual award that is given to young Hongkongers who are excelling in various fields. This year, the HK Prize has received more than 1,000 entries. Many of the winners were chosen for their commitment to social justice. Some of the most notable winners include a student who uses technology to assist homeless individuals and an artist who reinterprets human rights into fine art concepts.

A total of 20 awards were given out at the HK Prize this year. Several of the winners were previous winners. For example, veteran editor Robert Ireland clinched his ninth award in the English News Writing category with his headline “Misguided tours” about how cut-rate tour operators are misguiding visitors to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, China Daily Hong Kong reporter Eric Ng won first place in the Best News Writing (English) category for his report on how jobs that focus on environmental, social and governance issues are attracting salary premiums of up to 50 percent.