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Kenneth Dunkin
Illinois State Representative
"I’m a big fan and supporter of Teen Living Programs because they get results. When youth who are homeless come to TLP, they’ve just put themselves in the best possible position for a lifetime of success."

About Teen Living Programs

We believe all youth are entitled to a home where they know they are loved, independence is encouraged, competence is expected, and compassion is exemplified. Thousands of youth never experience this kind of home, and many become homeless. Every year 9,000 youth in greater Chicago experience homelessness, and every night there are 2,000 youth who have no place to call home. Teen Living Programs, established more than 30 years ago, exists for these youth.

We deliver comprehensive, long-term solutions to youth without homes who strive for self-sufficiency and community connection. Teen Living Programs offers housing, job training, educational support, mental health counseling, holistic health care, and life skills training within a community of professional and passionate support. TLP’s comprehensive, long-term approach to youth homelessness reduces the number of youth who might otherwise become homeless adults. TLP also limits youth homelessness from taking root through its outreach and prevention programs in neighborhoods and schools.