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Auxiliary Board

Teen Living Programs’ Auxiliary Board is a group of Chicago-area professionals who support and enhance TLP by generating resources, assisting with public relations, and volunteering with agency youth. The Board plans, develops, and implements recreational activities for youth; acts as a fundraising arm of the TLP Board of Directors; and serves as spokespersons for TLP to the greater public.

Auxiliary Board Activities

  • Plan youth recreational activities (e.g. hosting field trips to museums, holiday parties, attending Chicago sporting events). Involvement in these events can range from simply attending to planning the event.
  • Donate clothes, books, and supplies (TLP youth always need winter coats, professional attire, books, magazines, and toiletries.) Personal gifts are always welcome, but another way to become involved is to host a professional clothing drive at work.
  • Host, attend, and plan networking and fundraising events throughout the year. Events help raise awareness of, and funds for TLP.
  • Attend monthly meetings (usually at a downtown location).

For more information about TLP’s Auxiliary Board, including membership, please contact Michelle Goldberg at (312) 568-5700 ext. 226 or mgoldberg@teenliving.org.